Você está visualizando atualmente Roteiro teatral intitulado: sotaques da lingua inglesa

Roteiro teatral intitulado: sotaques da lingua inglesa

List of characters

  1. Texas farm boy
  2. British guy from Newcastle
  3. Scotland men
  4. Cowboy
  5. African sargent
  6. American general
  7. Russian against nuclear policy
  8. CBR’s journalist
  9. Joker
  10. African-american
  11. Murder

British guy from Newcastle

Hello! Are you my lover? Are you british?

Would you like some water? Or maybe…. Would you like to come to my house and have a cup of tea?

Let’s compare! Let’s compare! Do you preffer James Stweart or Harry Potter?


Why so serious? Did I scare you? I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to

Am I ugly? I’m with Harley Queen and she is like a 10 and you are like a 3.

I mean 3 is pushing it you know. I like my girls a little bit crazy

Russian against nuclear policy

Sasha, Misha, Pavel, Dimitri, Katyusha. Listen to me my friends! Do not be agry at me. I do not support any nuclear weapons. I do not like the ukranian war. I was born and raised in Ekatherinburg in the heart of Motherland. Looks like times are changing but we are stronger together.

African sargent

Listen to me soldier! I am your commander. If you not apologize to me I am going to message your sisters, your brothers, your mother, your father, your grandmother, your great-grandmother I don’t care. And say to everyone you’re a deserter/coward. Because that’s what we do here in Zimbabwe to liars.

Only commanders gets cuban cigar. If you touch my cigar box again I will cut off your hand. Do you understand?


Why did I killed that man? Sarcarm laugh…. You don’t know anything about life sir. Sitting all day in your chair just judging people’s life. I had to protect my daughter’s honor

That man looks like he knew the age of consent in every sigle state.

When I realized… It wasn’t about self-defense anymore

I was blowing up that man’s head with my shotgun. Oh dammit!

I have no regret about this sir! Not gonna lie! You know… America was founded by murders. Our ancestors killed native americans, indigenous people, africans, immigrants, civillians in wars around the globe. We created law and civilization after killing millions of innocent people from the west to east of this country.

Yes! Now you have the described law to condemn me. Go ahead!

The difference is that I killed to protect. That’s all! Like we say in West Virginia: Take me home fellas.

Texas farm boy

Hello there! Are you ok sir? Would you like to have some dinner with us? Come on in sir! We are a big family, with a big house, and a big heart and a big farm in the middle of nowhere. You’ll be welcome anytime, anywhere.

If you want you are welcome to work with our family too. There is a lot of work to be donne. Feeding the chicken, cleaning the stables, harvesting the corn.

Maybe you will marry a beautiful small town girl. Ihaa!

Scotland men

Hello! I was born in the United kingdon but I’m not from England. Currently I live in the beautiful city of Glasgow. Am I a london boy?

You freaking fool don’t piss me of, I’m gonna punch you in your perfect teeth.


Hey Arthur! Come here!

Have you seen any fellas from the Odrisscoll’s family? Prepare your new horse, clean up your guns because we are going to fight. Let me introduce you this beauty.

-This is Danny boy! One of the most brave and beautiful god dammit horses I’ve seen in my whole life. Do you agree ain’t you?

-Easy! Easy boy! I’ll take care of you

American general

Good night gentleman! Today is a special day. A time where we’re gonna put our names in americans history books, maybe you’ll get a medal farm boy. Krauts are pushing through reasonable hard, but we (men of the easy company) are prepared.

Lieutenant Edward say those words:

-No mission too difficult! No sacrifice too great! Duty first.

– I can barely hear you

– No mission too difficult! No sacrifice too great! Duty first.

Good! Now check your equipment! 30 seconds yanks! God bless you. Hope you can make America proud. Dismissed!

CBR’s journalist

Good night ladies and gentleman! This is Mark Taylor from CBR channel. Exactly right now we are broadcasting for more than 7 million people. From New York to Delaware, from Alaska to North Dakota. Yes we are popular.

Today I would like to introduce you our special guest. Ladies and gentleman please welcome Mr Eli Pereira.

African American

What’s up I need to tell you somethin’

-Go on Jamal! Hit me!

– I’m in love with your sister. Forget everything about Kesha! Lakesha is the love of my life. I got chocolates, flowers, rings, everything and We’ll be in a relationship soon! I swear to you bro.

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